Before heading to the sixth floor of the library I made sure to do some research ahead of time like Dr. May suggested. After finding out where to go to search the archives online I had to figure out what to search for exactly. So I firstly search for Texas Slavery, and was able to find a document by that name. It was called “Political Science Quarterly” written in September of 1898 with a chapter on “Slaver In Early Texas”. I continued my search finding five different documents to have pulled. I called ahead and asked to have those pulled to allow me to view them. I also added a few other documents that had nothing to do with the assignment for my own reading pleasure.

Once I arrived I went through the sign in process, and was given the documents I requested. I found it quite nerve-racking to have these documents that were so old in my hands. I was very careful and treated them with more care than anything I have before.

The first document I read was Slavery in Early Texas. It talked about slavery starting in Texas when Mexico had control and up until the Civil War. I already knew that Mexico was one of the first countries to have slavery in the Americas.

Another piece that I read was “Texas Slavery” with the date January 18, 1845. It was a letter of J.C. Calhoun to W.R. King. This was an interesting read. Calhoun discussed the abolishment of slavery by Britian and that is would happen firstly in Texas. He also talked about the Treaty of Ghent and how Britian was to procure the abolishment of Slavery. I found this pretty interesting, because Calhoun believed this would fall through and slavery would continue.

The third work I read was “Slavery” in the Quarterly Anti-Slavery Magazine. It discussed how slaves were being moved to Texas due to many revolts. Sir talked about the Mexican Republic and the Slave Trade between them and France. I didn’t realize quite how large of a roll that Mexico played after reading all of these works. I wish I had more time to sit down and really look at some of the other works.

One thing that stuck out to me on our tour was the fact that they had records and information on every county in Texas. I wanted to look at the possibility of Slavery in my hometown. In my short time of searching I wasn’t able to find anything on Slavery in Peaster, but they did have a book on the history of Peaster up until 1982 which was quite interesting. I found out a lot of neat history about where I grew up and it makes me look at different buildings throughout the community differently now that I know what they used to be. I was able to find out that in my parents back yard under two of our giant oak trees was a stop for the stage coach as it came through Peaster. It lights a fire under me to see if they brought salves through there as well.

I have hope that the next time I go into there I can find more on it and in Parker County to see if there are records of slavery in that area.

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